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  *NOTE   Business Closing
After 30+ years in business we have closed our store
as of Dec.1, 2008.

We will continue to offer our surface sander kit , mop
sanders and mortising machine kits and related supplies
for the fore-seeable future as well as Evapo-Rust
at our regular prices.

 All Prices are in Canadian Dollars

Sanding Supplies
& Materials



Sanding Mops

We will continue to offer these after we close the store

The "Sanding Mop" is one of the most useful sanding tools that you can own.
It is made from strips of Klingspor's best stearate coated, extremely flexible cloth.
This gold coloured aluminum oxide abrasive grit is designed for metal or woodworking, stearate coated so it won't plug or heat up, glued to a double woven Egyptian cloth for the best flexibility and the longest wear available.
If you are a woodworker and you do any sanding on contour edges or irregular surfaces, the "Sanding Mop" is the product for you!! This great product sands some of the most difficult to sand surfaces such as wood moldings, raised panel doors, carvings, bowls, furniture legs and when restoring antique furniture to name a few.
Sand shapes without loosing details and sharpness of edges.
The "Sanding Mop" can be mounted in a drill press or in a chuck/arbor mounted on an electric motor.
The 4" mop can also be used with a hand held electric drill.
You can also use these mop refills on one of the above motor arbors. Use 2 sets of spacer washers and all 48 sanding strips to make a really wide, soft buff for sanding larger profiles.
*Note. As with all our mop sanders you should break your sander in by holding it against a piece of scrap wood before using it to sand.

The "Sanding Mop" can be used soft as shown above with spacer washer separating pairs of abrasive strips for sanding bowls, gabriolet furniture legs or other round surfaces.

"The Sanding Mop" can be used stacked dense with or without stabilizer discs for sanding long concave surfaces such as moldings.
 Some Tips for use the "Sanding Mop"
Too slow a drill speed will shorten the life of your mop.
You will gain many hours of use by spinning your mop at 2000 rpm or more.
Let the mop do the work!
Don't force your piece deep into the mop.
Hold your piece just deep enough into the mop to meet the profile.
Using one of our motor arbors and 2 sets of spacer washers,
you can make a wide, soft profile sander
  The "Sanding Mop" Kit 

The "Sanding Mop" Kit is available in
two sizes, 4" and 6" kits.
Each kit comes with 48 sanding strips made from Klingspor's finest flexible cloth back material, already slit to prevent detail loss on your project.
This gold coloured sandpaper is absolutely outstanding!
Also included in the kit are
1 mandrel, and 5 spacers

4" Sanding Mop kit
SM-KIT-4 :
$25.00 Can.

6" Sanding Mop kit
SM-KIT-6 :
$40.00 Can.

Please Specify Grit

2 stabilizers are extra.
See below.
  The "Sanding Mop" Refills

"Sanding Mop"  refills are available in the following grit sizes, 80X, 120X, 180X, 220X, and 320X. Please specify.

4" refills, pck of 48 pc.
SMR-4-__X :
$20.00 Can.

6" refills, pck. of 48 pc.
SMR-6-__X :
$34.00 Can.

 The "Sanding Mop" Stabilizers

6" stabilizer set
STB-6 :
$5.00 Can.

4" stabilizer set
STB-4 :
$5.00 Can.

We recommend that if you are buying the 6" Mop Kit that you add a 4" stabilizer set. When your 6" set wears down to the stabilizers replace them with 4" stabilizers and you double the life of your mop.

  The "Sanding Mop" Mandrel

1/4" drill or drill press mount with 1/2" diameter by 7/8" long shaft for stacking the sanding mop strips.

"Sanding Mop" Mandrel
SMM-1 -
$5.00 Can.
  Optional Mandrel

1/4" drill or drill press mount with 1/2" diameter by 11/4" long shaft for stacking the sanding mop strips.

"Sanding Mop" Mandrel
SMM-2 -
$3.95 Can.
  The "Sanding Mop"
Spacer Washer Kit

Use these rubber spacer washers to
create a soft mop.

Mop Spacers pack of 5
MPS-5 :
$2.00 Can.

Nick's New Drum
Surface Sander Kit

We will continue to offer these after we close the store.

18" drum sander

Over the past year we have developed a super new
surface sander utilizing an 18" Velcro® covered drum that uses
looped paper spiral wound around it.
This machine requires only a 1/4 or 1/3 HP motor and paper
only costs about $1.00 per refill.
This machine can not only surface sand long flat pieces
but also edges and is just the ticket for finishing off those
pins on dovetails and box joints to perfection.
All sanding dust is contained in a drawer below the drum
and can easily be dumped.

drum sander

We offer a kit containing the Velcro® drum, a set of plans
to build this machine as well as the bearings, pulleys,
belt and all the hardware required to build it.
3 rolls of paper 5 yards each in 80, 120, 180 grit are
included - good for 4 refills each.
You just supply the bit of Baltic Birch and electrics

18" Drum Surface Sander Kit
DRUM-18-K : $225.00 Can.

1/2" Low Profile bearings
Included in above.
1/2-BRNG : $25.00 pair.

5/8" Cast Iron pillow blocks
for 30" & 24" drums
5/8-BRNG : $35.00 pair

Velcro™ sander drums
DRUM-12-2 ; 12" x 2" drum with bearings $120.00
DRUM-12-4 ; 12" x 4" drum only $125.00
DRUM-18 ; 18" drum with bearings
DRUM-24 ; 24" drum only $185.00
DRUM-30 ; 30" drum only

Velcro™ backed Stearate paper rolls.
Stearate is a non-clogging bond paper capable
of withstanding sanding even painted surfaces.

3" wide, 5 yard rolls in 80, 120, 180 grits
(these are included in the above kit)

5 yard rolls - $9.95 each
10 yard rolls - $19.95 each

3" wide, 25 yard rolls
Available in 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220 grit
25 yard rolls $42.95 each
25 yard rolls 60 grit $46.95 each

For part number use 3ROL5-grit sizeX for 5 yard rolls
part number use 3ROL10-grit sizeX for 1`0 yard rolls
part number use 3ROL25-grit sizeX for 25 yard rolls

Knob package for fences
4 - 1/4" star knobs and
4 - 1/4" x 3" carriage bolts
Fence Pack : $6.50

 Nick's New 30" Surface Sander

24" and 30" Surface Sander

Here at last is the new 30" Surface Sander that we have designed. We have had many requests for this machine and are pleased to be able to offer you the plans for this machine now. We have developed a plan for the machine shown above which we built for our show demos and found that people were very interested in it. Sold several as we were perfecting our machine and we are now ready to go.
However we do not put together quite as comprehensive a package for it as we do for the 18" surface sander kit.
First the 30" requires a 11/2 hp 1725 rpm motor. This should be a totally enclosed fan cooled model. Since these come in a variety of shaft sizes and frames it is not possible to include such things as pulleys and belt etc. And although we have a plan many people build the machine to fit in with existing benches or machinery in their shop. However the skeleton construction can still be used as we offer it.

A 24" drum is also available and the 30" plan can be used to build it as well. Just reduce the length of all your parts appropriately.

*New Improved 24" and 30" Drums*
I am told that the current drums being produced both 24" and 30" are better balanced and accurately machined thus requiring less power to drive. Depending on the grit of paper used, you may be able to get away with a 1 hp motor or less.

The plan is $15.00 Can. The drum, bearings and paper are as listed above. The 30" drum is $215.00 Can. The 24" drum is $185.00 Can. The bearings $35.00 Can. for the pair. and the paper is $42.95 Can. per roll of 25 yards. 60 grit $46.95 per roll. The top is constructed somewhat different than with the small one and several methods are suggested in the plan.

We suggest a 48" length of T track for holding the fences at $16.00 Can. and a pack of four 1/4" star knobs with bolts for securing the fence at $6.50 Can. We can also supply a 31/2" balanced steel Browning pulley for $22.50 Can. to fit the drum shaft. We recommend about a 23/4" pulley for the motor.

Above you have a couple of pictures of the model we built which has had a couple of small modifications that experience dictated since these pictures but basically remains the same.


 24" and 30" Drums

Besides our 30" Drum we now also have a new 24" Drum

DRUM-24" Drum only - $185.00 Can.
Drum only - $215.00 Can.

5/8" Cast Iron pillow blocks for 24" & 30" drum
5/8-BRNG - $35.00 pair

   24" Sanding Drum

You will notice that the 24" sanding drum has a
somewhat extended shaft on one end.
This was done so that those who wish to, can add
such attachments as you see shown to the left here.
You will find these listed separately above.
The 24" drum sander can be constructed
similar to the 30" shown above or according
to your own design.

The 24" sander is much more aggressive than the
18" drum sander and is therefore very suitable
for small production shops.
It will require a 1HP motor at 1725 rpm for minimum
power and running on 220V, or a 11/2HP on 110V
for best results.
Motor speed should be 1725 rpm.